About PhoneBlox


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Phone Blox is a padded unit that installs inside of the cab of the vehicle.

Easy to Install

Phone Blox attaches to the dashboard or interior front of the vehicle within sight of the operator and requires a connection to a 12v power source. Connection to either ignition or transmission lines is recommended.

Easy to Use

The Phone Blox protocol is designed to keep the focus of the driver on the road. Once trained, every driver and operator will understand that it is in their best interest to simply place their mobile phone(s) into Phone Blox when entering the vehicle and before starting the engine. Phone Blox is a secure, padded box that muffles sound and provides a physical barrier between the operator and mobile phone. Phone Blox is designed to protect operators from the distraction that mobile phones and other electronic devices can cause.

When the vehicle is brought to a complete stop and the engine is turned off, Phone Blox unlocks, thereby enabling the driver to remove their phone(s). It is physically impossible for Phone Blox to get stuck in the locked position when the ignition/transmission is disengaged.

The Phone Blox protocol is as simple as fastening a seat belt, adjusting side view mirrors, or performing any other pre-trip function. A simple addition to the pre-trip checklist ensures that the driver, before becoming seat-belted, places all mobile phone(s) and texting devices into the cushioned and protective holding area of the Phone Blox.

Easy To Maintain

No servicing is required. Once installed, Phone Blox is fully operational and does not require any adjustments or batteries. The unit only operates while the engine is on, thereby only drawing current when the power is renewed by the engine. Phone Blox is maintenance free.

Easy to Achieve Compliance

Phone Blox is a passive device that does not interfere with or restrict passenger mobile phone use and complies with all FCC regulations.

Safety supervisors can easily check a vehicle to ensure that the operator has placed all mobile devices in the Phone Blox and is aware of its importance. A driver training program will be made available to convey to operators the importance of the removal of all cellular distractions.

Easing Concerns

Phone Blox eliminates a driver’s concerns that their phones may someday be taken away. Drivers across the country are alarmed by those states and municipalities that have taken radical steps to outlaw the use and possession of mobile phone(s) by operators of vehicles. Phone Blox allows operators to continue to possess their mobile phones in vehicles without losing focus on the road. The operator of any motor vehicle will have their mobile device close at hand in case of emergencies and within reach during breaks. With Phone Blox, safety never compromises freedom.

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