Easy as 1,2,3

Phone Blox™ Simple Steps to Safety

Phone_Blox_EasyAs123Phone Blox is a padded unit that installs inside of the cab of the vehicle

  1. Before starting the vehicle, driver places all personal mobile devices inside padded interior of Phone Blox.
  2. While ignition is on, Phone Blox remains locked. Mobile devices are held safely inside of Phone Blox, providing a physical barrier between the driver and mobile device.
  3. When the vehicle has ignition turned off, Phone Blox unlocks, allowing the driver to retrieve mobile devices. This is consistent with the minimum idle standards in place in many states.

Phone Blox is Easy to Use

  • No need to turn off mobile phone while inside Phone Blox
  • Passive Device – FCC compliant and will not interfere with passenger mobile phones
  • Does not interfere with emergency communication
  • Easy to install – simple to use
  • No software required
  • Easy to add Phone Blox to pre-trip check list
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