After two years of using Phone Blox, a major metropolitan transit fleet saw accidents related to cell phone use disappear.  Phone Blox is an important tool in a safety program to eliminate accidents, injuries and losses due to cell phone misuse.

Accidents related to cell phone use while driving are completely preventable.  Heavy civil and criminal liabilities follow accidents involving distracted driving.  Fleet owners are especially vulnerable to losses if their safety programs do not include policies that keep drivers off their cell phones while operating vehicles.

Phone Blox is a safety solution that gives drivers an important tool to follow good safety practices while allowing them to keep their cell phones with them during their shift.

Phone Blox is a steel box with a locking mechanism connected to a switched power in the vehicle electrical system.  The box locks when the lid is closed and the ignition is on, preventing access while the vehicle is running.  With their cell phone “out of sight, out of mind” drivers can concentrate on driving safely while knowing that in an emergency they still have their cell phone to stay in touch.

Using Phone Blox is a proven tool to reduce cell phone misuse by fleet drivers and operators.  By using Phone Blox, fleet owners and managers can enjoy the benefits of improved safety while allowing their drivers the choice of keeping their personal cell phones available in an emergency.

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