Safe driving is cost effective driving.  Liability costs, grievance arbitration, replacement of seasoned drivers – all these add up against the bottom line.  Phone Blox is a proven catalyst for savings for fleet operators.

Two years after Phone Blox was installed, a major metropolitan transit authority has had no grievances filed over termination due to violations of the no-cell policy. A single arbitration can cost as much as $10,000, providing substantial savings in legal costs.

In the same period, terminations due to cell phone policy violations are down dramatically.  The cited transit authority has saved the costs associated with replacing a driver lost including recruiting, training and overtime costs as other drivers cover the lost operator’s route.

Accidents tied to cell phone use have been eliminated in the same time period after installing Phone Blox.

By providing a clear path to complying with State and Federal regulations regarding cell phone use, fleet operators can realize savings by eliminating fines that accrue to both the driver and the fleet.

Phone Blox allows your company to retain their best drivers, reduce the costs of fines and reduce accidents.  As part of a robust safety program, Phone Blox provides a catalyst for your system to eliminate distracted driving and the associated financial costs.

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