Fleet owners and managers know that safety on the road is paramount whether they are carrying freight or passengers. Safety policies such as no-tolerance for cell phone use definitely improve the safety record of the fleet, but often at a high cost on operators and drivers.

Often, a momentary lapse in judgement can cost the fleet an otherwise good driver. Replacing a seasoned driver or operator takes time and resources. Terminating an employee takes a toll on the morale of those drivers who remain.

Phone Blox is a proven tool to help your best employees stay on the road and comply with important safety policies regarding cell phone use. By providing drivers with an opportunity to put their cell phone “out of sight, out of mind”, Phone Blox helps change the culture of your operators.

Phone Blox is an excellent alternative to an outright ban on cell phone use. The availability of cell phones is now ingrained into our culture. By providing Phone Blox, fleet operators offer a meaningful compromise, allowing operators to keep their personal cell phone available while staying compliant with cell phone use policy.

A successful program that eliminates the employee retention issues related to cell phone safety policy requires a change in the way operators see cell phone use. Phone Blox is a catalyst for making changes in behavior that can help your team eliminate the loss of valued employees.

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